QUALIFICATIONS: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Level 1 Coach, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, HSN Nutrition Coach, CPR/ First Aid Certified

BIO: I became a CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer to help others live happy, and healthy lives. I’ve witnessed firsthand, what an amazing impact a coach/trainer can have in your life. I wanted to be that person for others.

I’ve always lived a relatively healthy, and active lifestyle. However, like most, once I became a parent I slowly started losing my motivation, and forgetting about my own goals. It wasn’t until after my second pregnancy when I realized that I needed to start making myself a priority again. I knew I had to start making changes, in order to be the wife and mother I wanted to be not only for my family but for myself as well.

That’s when I decided to finally accept an invitation from a friend to try CrossFit. I was hooked from the start, and my enthusiasm for the sport has only grown.

What started out as a way for me to lose stubborn baby weight, ended up being so much more. CrossFit helped me gain my confidence again. It became my outlet. It gave me a community, and helped me find my passion for helping and motivating others.

In January 2016, I received my CrossFit Level 1, and the rest is history. I continued my fitness journey throughout my third pregnancy, and kept educating myself along the way.

Since then, my passion has increased exponentially for teaching and helping others achieve their goals, build their confidence, and do the unimaginable like it did for me.